First stop- LA, California!

I have been in the States for about 10 days now and I already feel really blessed. I met so many wonderful people who have already encouraged me and prayed for me and for that I am truly grateful. LA has been my first stop on this great adventure, but as I am getting ready to head off to my next destination, Kansas, I am reflecting on all the wonderful memories I have made already and I am looking forward to the next part of my trip and what the future may hold.

Coming from a small place like Cyprus, it is so wonderful just to be surrounded by so MANY people who are truly seeking God  and who you see a reflection of Him in their lives. That in itself has been a huge encouragement in my life and has shown me once again that God’s family is everywhere and expands throughout the world.

One of the ways in which I saw God moving, so far, has been in how He changed certain aspects of my trip and opened other doors that I had not planned or thought of, and so I saw that as God telling me that it’s okay when our plans change and just to continue trusting Him in all my steps because He is in control for every single aspect of my life.

Just to take you a little through my trip I have attached pictures that may give you just a glimpse of what I got to see and experience so far. One of my favorite things has been admiring the beauty of nature and all the different types of trees and flowers that are around, but I would say that my highlight has definitely been meeting so many new people and instantly feeling like we are family and like we’ve known each other our whole lives; especially older people who share their stories and carry so much wisdom with them. I really enjoyed getting to know people on a personal level and hearing what God has done and is doing in their lives. I hope the rest of the places I go to will be just as pleasant as my first stop.

Also I forgot to mention that I got to spend my birthday here so that was a lot of fun. I turned 24 years old on the 11th of April and I celebrated my birthday at Disneyland. I am so grateful to God for another year of life (a healthy life) where I get to breath and live and so I thank Him for every breath I take.

Thank you for your prayers and support on this journey and I will try my best to keep you updated with what’s going on and what I am learning and experiencing. Please keep on praying for safety as I travel, along with God’s wisdom in all I say and do.

God bless you,

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  • Jimmy

    Be safe, enjoy your travels, have fun and I look forward to seeing you at the AMG home office soon.

    • Anastasia Papadopoulou

      Thank you! 🙂 Looking forward to meeting all of you as well!

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