Young Adults Group

This ministry revolves usually around people in their twenties and it takes different forms throughout the year as a lot of people around that age group might be abroad most of the year because of their studies. So during the summer and the holidays the number of people changes drastically and changes a lot during the rest of the year as it becomes a smaller group. Non-the less though, work is still being done in both seasons.

The main aim of the group is to bring young people together in an environment where they can be challenged in their relationship with God and find their purpose in this life. The goal is to grow spiritually; not just keeping our faith to ourselves, but also start using our gifts and abilities to serve God’s kingdom as best as possible. After all we are the next generation of leaders and people that will hold together the Church of the future, so we need to stretch our roots as far as we can in order to be fruitful.

When most people are in Cyprus the group has a more social character where people can bring their friends and hear something more/different about God. Some people that attend may have not heard/know much about the living God that we serve and so we present things in a way where it is not threatening but without compromising God’s truth. We also plan special events of just worship or a day at the beach or just hanging out in the mountains or even a movie night. After all it is important for people to realize that Christians are everyday people just like everyone else who can also just relax and have fun while enjoying life and taking in all of God’s blessings.

When most people are abroad, the group decreases and takes a different form. I would say it is more of a Bible study group/ discipleship character. Since there aren’t a lot of people around, the Church has asked me to take over the group and so this is where my studies at the Bible school play a tremendous role! I usually host the Bible study at my house where we look into God’s word and see how it affects our lives today. A lot of the times we will invite speakers (some older people from the church) to come share with us and other times I will usually analyze a Bible passage with the group involving them in the conversation and asking them their thoughts on it.

My prayer is that God will provide more people to help out with this ministry, especially men after God’s own heart that will lead and take over completely. But for now since God entrusted me with this role, I pray that He will give me His wisdom in what I do and that He will continue to guide me in every step of the way.