Summer Camps

Ever since a little girl the high-lights of my summer where the summer camps I would attend. I always found them really inspirational and a huge boost to my faith but also it was a very pleasant experience to be surrounded by other people who shared the same faith as you and worship God together. Of course I also just loved the idea of socializing, playing games and being involved with the different activities that were planned.

Till this day I enjoy camps and I am very glad that I get to help out and still be involved. As a teenager I was a counselor at the kids’ camps that were held in Cyprus and I always enjoyed connecting with the younger children and trying to be an example they could follow and look up to.

The 3 years I was in Greece studying, I had the opportunity to help out for almost 2 months every summer at various camps that went on. Starting from Refugee camps, to kids’ camps, to teen camps. During the time I went through many different roles and tried to help where ever help was need. The roles varied according to the needs. Here is an idea kidsteen counselor, game organizer, running the art & crafts program as well as the music program, kitchen manager, decorator, administration work, organizing committee, cook’s helper, worship team, teaching Greek to foreigner who came to help for the summer etc.

At the time I just helped with any area where help was required, but once again God had been training me and maturing me in my faith along with revealing to me gifts and abilities I had no idea I possessed.

In Cyprus there is a family camp that takes place every year in the mountains of Troodos and for the past few years my family held a lot of the responsibility and organization of the camp. So I had the opportunity to put into more practice everything that God had been teaching me and training me for while I was in Greece.

The past few years a teen camp for junior high-school students, organized by the teen youth group leaders, has been taking place and I had the privilege of helping out with that as well. There is just something exciting about being surrounded by teenagers that have a thirst for life and are looking for answers. I feel like I challenge them just as much as they challenge me and I feel like that is something we all need in our lives.

My prayer is that more people will want to get involved with camps and start organizing different seasons for different ages and needs.

Interested for an adventure?

If you might be interested in coming and helping out or bringing a team with you to do so, feel free to contact me at and I can give you more information.