Last year, around the same time, I was in the US and I was telling people I would probably see them again in 4-5 years. Because I thought that that’s about the time people take to reconnect with their supporters etc. But turns out God had different plans for me!

I went back to Cyprus and headed off into the summer season, focusing on the summer camps, when one morning I woke up with this thought: “I wonder if I need to go back to the States next year”. As soon as the thought crossed my mind I instantly thought it made no sense since I had just been there a couple of months ago. But instead of ignoring it I prayed about it for a whole week without telling anyone about it. The end of that week I received an email from AMG ministries telling me that they were looking into their 2015 calendar and where wondering if I would be willing to make another trip to the US, Spring of 2015! Instantly I knew that it was a confirmation from God and He was the one to put in on my heart in the first place.

So now here I am, travelling through the US yet again, but feeling certain that it’s all part of God’s plan! And honestly the knowledge that God opened this door for me in the first place, is what gave me the strength to go forward with the planning of this trip.

I arrived in Boston end of April and knew that the first “events”, where I would share, were in the week to follow. What I hadn’t planned on was getting sick during that whole first week!! I’ll admit it wasn’t a great start to the trip, but I thought out of all the weeks to get sick, this would be it. I was still able to share at a women’s bible study and meet the pastor of the church; and despite my red nose, I had a lovely time sharing about Cyprus and what God is doing there.

The end of that week I got on a bus and headed from Boston to Philadelphia. A couple I had met in Greece, 5 years ago, hosted me and they made sure I saw a different part of Philly every night. I was also given the opportunity to share at an RP church outside of Philadelphia on a Saturday evening, but also at the church my friends attended that Sunday morning. By this point my cold was almost gone and I was truly grateful for that. I had to get up at 5am to catch a bus to Pittsburgh and as soon as I got there I shared at another RP church in the evening. I only got to spend one night in Pittsburgh (but hosted by some lovely people) and again I had to get up at 5am and catch a bus to Indianapolis this time. I must admit that making two long trips two days in a row wasn’t a highlight, but I try to make the best of it. Mostly sleep! Haha… but I also try and enjoy the gorgeous scenery and take a few pictures along the way. At least I get to really see the country this way, as oppose to me just flying from one place to the next.

In Indiana there was an event planned for me to share on a Friday night and also during a Sunday school class in the morning. People showed an interest in Cyprus and some of them even expressed that they are considering going to Cyprus summer of 2016 since AMG is planning a mission trip there to help out with the summer camps. A really exciting part of my visit there, besides connecting with some wonderful people, was that my friend got engaged that Saturday morning and I got to be there with the rest of her family and friends and congratulate her!!!

My friend Sophia came and picked me up from Indianapolis and brought me to Dayton, OH, where I stayed for a couple of days with her and her family, who are some very good family friends of ours. 2 days later I had to catch a 15 hours bus ride from Ohio to Iowa where I was then picked up by some friends of mine who I had met at the Bible College in Greece. It was such a special time being able to reconnect with so many people I had met in Greece, but also with the people I had met in Iowa last year. One of my highlights so far was being able to share with a group of 12 year old girls and just talk to them about my own personal walk with God, but also challenge them to own their faith and get excited about life with Him. I also had several other meetings in Iowa and once again I just felt blessed by the fact that I was able to talk about Cyprus and share my passion about serving God in my own country!

The adventure continued as I went from Iowa to Chicago and this time I didn’t have to take a bus ride. Pat & Traci (a couple who also is with AMG ministries) were with me so I was able to drive with them to Chicago. There I had some very important meetings and also felt very encouraged by the people I was with. I also got to see some more people I had met at the Bible College who I hadn’t seen in 5 years! So it was really interesting seeing and hearing all about the different paths God has taken each one of us on.

From Chicago we drove to Ohio and we were able to all have wonderful fellowship together! Sunday morning another smaller “event” was held at the Gossard home and once again I was able to share about Cyprus and the ministry there. It’s been very interesting seeing how people perceive what God is doing in different parts of the world and I feel privileged being able to share that with them.

Tomorrow I will catch yet another bus ride and head down to Chattanooga, TN where the AMG offices are. From then I will carry on to Florida, the Carolinas and back to Boston!

So far I have been greatly enjoying my trip and seeing God’s hand in everything!! And honestly to me that’s what really matters. Even when I feel weak or tired, just knowing that God wanted me to come back here for some reason and He opened those doors for me, is what gives me the strength to carry on. And I’ve noticed that no matter how I feel, once I start sharing about what God is doing, then it’s like this new sense of strength overwhelms me and I get really excited and passionate about what God is doing and then I’m energized to carry on again.

Thank you for showing an interested in what I’m doing and how God is leading me. Especially through this trip. But most importantly thank you for all your prayers!!! I know that we are all on this journey together and I definitely feel blessed to be a part of it. I hope and pray that throughout my travels I can be a blessing to others as well and that God will use me for His work and give me the right words to say and encourage others.

Have a blessed day and thank you for reading this,

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