Ohio, Indiana and off to Tennessee!

I have been travelling for over a month now, constantly being surrounded by people, and as much as I love that and all the new experiences I am gaining, I can’t say that I don’t appreciate the few moments I get to myself. Not necessarily because I NEED to be alone, but just so that I can refresh my mind and truly seek God’s word and presence without any distractions. This has been one of those moments and so I thought I should also write about it. I am currently in Indianapolis staying with my friend Kristen. She had to go to work and felt bad for leaving me at her place but I reassured her that I did not mind spending some time alone.

My time in Ohio has been truly blessed as I was hosted by Maria Gossard’s family. Maria is also from Cyprus, as she grew up with my mother, so that factor in itself made my stay there feel like home. I enjoyed spending time with her and her family and getting to know them on a personal level. I feel like I’ve definitely gained some new friends and I am excited that I get to go back to Ohio before returning to Cyprus. J Besides being with her family I was given the opportunity to share at the home church they attend and was encouraged once again by the people’s interest in Cyprus and what God is doing there. They have been praying for us ever since the beginning of the radio ministry and have also supported us in more than one ways and so we are very grateful as a family.

After my stay in Dayton I took the bus and came to Indianapolis. (I’ve taken the bus so many times by this point that it almost feels like my second home. Haha) And because the roads have been straight for the most part I haven’t really gotten any car sick so I am really glad about that.

It was so great to reunite with my friend Kristen since it has been 3 years since I last saw her. On my first day here my friend William, whom I knew from Greece, drove and came to meet me so it was nice reconnecting with him as well. We were classmates at the Greek Bible College. On my second day here I got the opportunity to share at Kristen’s church during the youth group meeting but quite a few adults showed up as well. One of the teenagers approached me towards the end and said that she was really encouraged by my story so I am glad that God used me to speak to her. If there is one thing I’ve learned in this life is that no matter your age God can still speak to you and use you in mighty ways. So sharing to youth groups has been a big part of my travels and I am glad God is giving me the chance to share with people younger than me as well.
The adults who also heard me said that they will definitely keep me and Cyprus in their prayers and were excited to hear all about what God is doing in Cyprus.

I have really enjoyed my time with Kristen and cherish our moments together as she is one of those people who constantly encourages me in my life and always asks how she can pray for me; so being with her in person and being able to talk face to face has truly been a blessing! Unfortunately I will have to say goodbye to her tomorrow, but I know our friendship will continue to grow with time.

Tomorrow morning I will catch a bus, yet again, and head south to Chattanooga, Tennessee. There I will visit the AMG offices and finally meet in person people that I have been in communication with only through emails. I am excited to meet everyone there and see the offices. On Monday they are organizing an event for me where I will get to share about my ministry in Cyprus and what God is doing through the radio station. Please keep me in your prayers and ask that God will put the right words in my mouth and that I will able to represent Him and His work as best and as sincere as possible. I want people to see Him through all I say and do and that when I open my heart they can see the passion that I have for Him.

Thank you so much for being with me on this journey, I truly appreciate your prayers.

Have a blessed day,



P.S. In the pictures you will notice beautiful flowers that are from Maria’s garden! 🙂

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