Chicago!! 🙂

I have been travelling a little over a month now and have come across some very beautiful scenery and people, but I have to say I really liked Chicago. I actually liked it more than I expected and I think one of the main reasons, is that even though it is a big city, it doesn’t feel overcrowded.  I also know quite a few people who live in the area so it was really nice just being able to reconnect with them and spend time sharing about our lives.

I was being hosted by a wonderful family, Steve & Maria Theofanous who have 3 beautiful daughters, and all of them made me feel comfortable and welcomed me as if I was part of their family. We joked around by the end that they “adopted” me and I most definitely felt their love in so many ways. I was truly blessed by them and was encouraged tremendously.

Besides Crystal Lake area, which is where the family lived, I had the opportunity to visit my friend Geri who attended the Bible College in Greece my last year I was there. She took me into the city and showed me around and even experienced things like ‘Chicago Deep Dish Pizza’ together. I really enjoyed our time together and loved that I was able to see the city through the eyes of a local.

There is also a Greek Church in Chicago where I was given the chance to share about my ministry work in Cyprus and tell them what God has done and is still doing in my life. They said they were very encouraged to hear that God is really working in Cyprus and how He is using His people there. It was really nice interacting with some Greeks and figuring out common people that we may know.

Speaking of churches, I also visited Willow Creek church and that was my first experience in such a big church. I am glad that I can say I truly felt God’s presence in the place and the people who were there seemed to sincerely be worshiping God so it was really great seeing so many people gathered together as one body.

I also got to visit Wheaton College and hang out with my first College roommate Rachel. I loved our time together! I hadn’t seen her in 4 years so it was really good to just catch up and talk about where God is leading us in life. I felt incredibly blessed after our time together and really enjoyed talking with her.

Another nice meeting I had was at Moody Bible Institute where I met one of the professors who is in the communications department and we were talking about maybe working together in the future or having people over in Cyprus for their internships. It’s definitely an area we’ll pray about and see what doors God might open. He also took me to see Moody Radio and talked about some of the work they do. It’s been really interesting so far getting to see other radio stations and observe how they do things. I am really glad I am getting the chance to visit them and meet people within that circle.

As you can probably tell by reading this I had a wonderful time in Chicago and felt really encouraged by all my interactions. Please continue to pray for me for safe travels and also that God will continue to renew my strength and sustain me in all I do.

Right now I am in Ohio where I am having a very relaxing time and I am really enjoying spending time with Maria Gossard’s family, getting to know them and exploring Dayton area.

I will continue to keep you updated with my travels and keep posting pictures. Thank you for your prayers, your feedback and all your encouraging messages.

Lots of Love,

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